Arthur Thompson

Arthur Thompson died February 1988 at the age of 73. He was living in Belfast at the time as he moved there with his family when he retired.

RETIREMENT— The retirement of Mr. Arthur Thompson took place at the end of December.
He had served the Company for over 35 years at sea and ashore. He joined the Company as 3rd Engineer on s.s. Madras City in September 1940 and was appointed Chief Engineer of the s.s. Fort Fork in December 1945.

In January, 1957 he left the m.v. New Westminster City to take over duties as Superintendent.
The Technical Department will not be quite the same without him and he will be missed by all his colleagues through out the Office. Although Mr. Thompson will be missed he has the certain knowledge that on his departure from the scene of his labours he will not be forgotten but remembered with affection.

We all wish him and Mrs. Thompson a long and happy retirement with good health.
Printed in the RSL Newsletter No.72 February 1988.