Len Taylor

Len Taylor crossed the bar 23rd December 2014. His daughter Sandra said that he passed peacefully and that she was by his side. He had been suffering from Parkinson's disease for some time.
The funeral was held at St Mary's church, Appledore at 1100 hrs on 2nd January 2015.
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Len Taylor retired at the end of February after serving with the Company since 1945 and we would like to record our sincere thanks to him for his loyal and faithful service during this period. When he commenced with the Company, his first vessel was the s.s. "BRADBURN". He then served on most of the Company's ships and was appointed Chief Engineer in I960. Mr. Taylor was appointed to the TACOMA CITY" on its maiden voyage in 1972; the "CARDIFF CITY" in 1975 and the "WELSH CITY" in 1977 and it was on the "WELSH CITY" that he served his last voyage. We wish both Mr. & Mrs. Taylor a long and happy retirement in what must be one of the loveliest parts of the country - Appledore - where Mr.Taylor was born and bred. Printed in RSL newsletter No.146 March 1982.

We were all delighted to read of the Honour bestowed upon Mr L G I Taylor in the Queen's Birthday Honours List in the form of the M.B.E. Both Mr and Mrs Taylor are now looking forward to traveling to London to meet the Queen and being able able to have a peep inside Buckingham Palace. As readers will have read in our March edition, Mr Taylor retired at the end of February this year after serving with the company since 1945. He served on most of the company's vessels as an Engineer and was appointed Chief Engineer in 1960. We offer to Mr Taylor many congratulations on this well deserved Honour. Printed in RSL newsletter No.149 June 1982.