Tadeus Sukiennik

Mr T Sukiennik died suddenly on Thursday 21 April 1998 at the age of 67.

The following is a tribute to Mr Sukiennik by Mr Major in 1977.

Mr Sukiennik graduated as an Electrical Engineer at Warsaw University. Prior to the second World War he was an officer in the Polish Navy. He was seconded to the French Navy supervising the construction of a submarine being built in France for the Polish Navy. At the outbreak of hostilities he rejoined the Polish Navyserving under the general British command and took several engagements receiving the "VIRTUTI MILITARI" (Highest Polish decoration for Gallantry) also the British DISTINGUISHED SERVICE CROSS. He reached the rank of Commander.

His mathematical and electronics knowledge made its natural that he should be selected for the new science of radar and he preserved the secrecy of the new development long after it had become common knowledge. After the war he settled in this country becoming a British citizen and marrying a British girl, the present Mrs Sukiennik.

He joined the company as third engineer of the "Homer City" in March 1952 serving continuously for 22 months. A few weeks off to obtain his Second Engineer's Certificate (he wrote and spoke English, French, and German as well as his native Polish), then off again as Second Engineer. He did the same with his Chief Engineer's Certificate leaving the "Great City", gaining his certificate, and leaving again as Chief Engineer, all within one month. we have a record where Mr Sukiennik did one continuous voyage of 28 months as chief engineer on the Devon city ( what a contrast with present-day leave conditions). His loyalty to the company was total.

His great intellect and ability meant that all who sailed with this quiet modest "man of many parts" will have a favourite story to tell. It is perhaps all summed up by saying he lived the life as an "Officer and a gentleman". We offer our deepest sympathy to Mrs Sukiennik on her bereavement.

After the death of Mrs Sukiennik in 1981, published in a Stafford newspaper was the following:-
War heroes medals to be auctioned.
Decorations and the naval uniform of a Polish war hero who lived in Stafford are to be auctioned.
Commander Tadeusz Sukiennik who died four years ago aged 67, was awarded the DSC and the Virtuti Militari, Poland's highest award for gallantry.

The medals, his uniform and some antique furniture will go under the hammer next month, following the death recently of his widow Mrs D Sukiennik of Coppenhall, Stafford.
"there has been quite a bit of interest shown in the wae mementoes, although it is impossible to say what kind of price they will fetch", said auctioneer Mr Brian Lloyd.
Commander Sukiennik served with the British forces during World War II. After the war he settled in Stafford and joined a shipping company.
The auction will take place on September 8 at Stafford.

Published in Shipmates issue 8 September 1998.