Dave Hunt

Hi all, I came across this site by accident, looking for the last page on the web. Enjoyable to read, and certainly brought back a lot of pleasant memories.
I also was part of RSL, TMM more to the point and only for a short time compared to some of you guys.
I started mid 1980, joining the Amparo with Roger Shannon in Genoa. Roger made me miss my/our flight so we stayed in a hotel near Heathrow for the night.
I was 2leky to Kenny Hampton. Dennis Archbold, 2E Bob, Kenny Sellars, Willie John and Mrs. Willie John (sad to hear her passing) 4E Steve
Capt RK Stewart, Jules York (ken would call him) 2/O sorry ??….3/O sorry ?? (John Travolta look alike)
Leighton Seabrooke. Jerry Coleman fixed up my cabin since he was cadet then, and I think Dave Littler (could be another trip )
Anyway, we done our 4 months back and fore Europe and Americas. I enjoyed so much, I came back for more………
I think 4 or 5 trips on the Amparo… Samia with Keith Bean, Cardiff City when POW Charles married Diane we were in Liverpool (short experience, Liverpool to Brake Germany and wait, wait, wait for TMM no.1 Amparo in Bremen) We did make Rio once, and the Great Lakes (Toronto).
Tim Lawson sold me off to Geest for 1 trip ( it was fun though, thanx Tim )
I met a lot of RSL people as you past by the Amparo so hi to you all, and if you didn't pass by hi anyway… I could go on and on !!!
Anyway, I departed RSL 1984 to work in micro electronics industry (photo lithography supplier Nikon Japan).
I tried the sea again when they re-structured the uk office due to the collapse of the electronics manufacturing in uk … (silicon Glenn).
I joined P&O containers, Peninsular and Tolaga Bay………No fun !! and continually fixing refer containers, I think they put all the broken ones on these ships, knowing full well they would be serviced/fixed by the time they got them back. This company was also close to chapter 11, so I departed.
I Re-joined Nikon and moved to Germany 22 years ago where manufacturing is on a total different scale, to the UK. Sorry to say, UK had it all and gave it all away, unless you was a banker, stupid, stupid, stupid)
I live in the dark forest near Stuttgart, I have a company apartment in Dresden and now in Israel for a few weeks.
Time is really flying……… Many thanx to the people who started this site, and to all contributors. Keep it up !!
It’s good to see all of the cadets completed their apprenticeship and further their careers.


January 2012.