David Hartshorne

David passed away at 1410 hrs on 31st March 2015 at Douglas MacMillan Hospice at Stoke-on-Trent.
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I was made redundant in 1993 and then took up a position as Purser with Cable and Wireless Marine -later became Global Marine.

Thirteen very happy years with them and again redundancy came up so off I went again !!! 

For the past four and half years I have been working as the Purser Catering Officer with NERC on board their research vessel the Discovery and in September next year I shall retire after 44 years at sea and being at the age of turned 63 I think is long enough.

Who would have thought that after I spent 4 years full time at college in Hotel Management and Catering then joining Canadian Pacific Steamships as a Cadet Purser in 1967 that all those years later I have still managed to be employed at sea. David Hartstone. December 2010.


Article in The Telegraph regarding death of David

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