Scaffolding around crane   Damaged sheave
  These photos show the damaged hoist sheave which had to be replaced on the top of the crane housing. This was done in 1985.
Pete Burroughs and Robbie Bell   Peter Burroughs and Robbie Bell.
Bar of the Olmeca   2/Eng Paul Slade, C/Eng Robin Reed, 3/E  Andy Keast, R/O Peter Wilmot and next to him is Robin's wife, Margaret.
Radio Officer in the bar   Brian Carter R/O in the ship's bar.
Four offices in a bar ashore   This photo was taken in a bar ashore, and the photo can be seen in the above photo in the bar.
4/E Adi Parker, 2/E Brian Hocking, C/E Legs Diamond, and 3/O Jock Crozier.
Bottom 3 photos copywrite © Carolina Keast.

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