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I sailed on the Madras City as an apprentice from 28/4/56 to 28/2/58 under masters Passmore & Young. The latter end of my service on her was spent being laid-up in Cardiff Dock,which was really enjoyable for us apprentices, as we were sent to college part time, and the rest of the time we had very little supervision.
The Madras was the only steam ship I sailed on, and the oldest,but it was the happiest ship I sailed on whilst in the M.N.
The four apprentices got on well together, perhaps the period of being laid-up assisted? Plus a good 1st Mate, and after my first trip on the Cornish City over a year long, the two trips on the Madras that I did seemed really short.
I recognise your photo of the Madras, since then they added a 4 cabin apprentice block above the galley. That was the good point about Reardon Smith, they gave the apprentices individual cabins, not once did I share during my apprenticeship, but the bad thing was they did use us as cheap labour,and I never ever received any bridge training, thus when it came to doing the 2nd mates exams it was very hard. John Martin. Posted on forum 10 May 2010.

Madras City. August 1956.
L to R. C/O: Donald Jack, C/S: Bob Peach, 2/O: Tom Thisleton.

Three officers on deck

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