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Protecting the cars during repairs   Welding in progress

These photos were taken at the Nissan berth in Oppama, Japan in the late eighties.
Takayama-san of Yokohama Engineering Works is holding the blue tarpaulin in the right hand photo.

Takayama-san had arranged with the stevedores that they would do these welding repairs in the aft end of one of the top car decks. The work was to be done on a Sunday when they were not loading cars. Unfortunately although only a few cars were on board they did load them right next to where the repairs were to be carried out.

Precautions were taken to protect the cars as can be seen in these photos, and everything was completed without incident. On the next working day a Nissan representative inspected the cars and the car deck and was quite happy with the way things had been done.
Eric Poingdestre. Posted on the forum 12th March 2010.

I don't remember that incident but you were lucky to get away with it. Breaking wind near a new car could be construed as a criminal offence. Mr. Takayama was surely worth his salt. Roger Shannon. Posted on the forum 16th March 2010.

I think Nissan agreed because they had already given position and did not expect the cars to be loaded on that deck.
There were a few raised eyebrows in Cardiff office when I showed them these photos. Eric Poingdestre. Posted on the forum 17th March 2010.

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