Fresno City (4)

View of deck cargo   Vessel entering the locks
On the left Dave Mockett C/O admiring the walkway. On the right entering the last set of locks in the Panama Canal. 17 February 1974. Copyright © David Thomson.
These photos were taken March 1975. Copyright © Mike Savory
Crossing the line ceremony   Crossing the line between the Gulf and Richard's Bay in July 79.
L to R:- J/E Paul Mahoney; R/O Bill Buddon; 4/E Bill Parkin; J/R/O Garry Gorford (his brother, Steve, was Mate in RSL); Elect Dave Jarvis; J/E Dave Jarvis; 3/O Bob Gillingham (from Shell); 2/E Jimmy Haugh; Cadet R.W. Davies and Terry Hunter. Copyright ©Terry Hunter.

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