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My grandad is Brian Norman and he was a 4th Engineer. He received a bravery award for saving the life of a fellow Engineer during a fire whilst off the coast of Japan in April 1959 on board the Fresno. He was 21 at the time .... WIlliam John Hill (20 at the time) was the name of the gentleman he rescued. Amy. Posted on the forum 01 July 2017.

I was an apprentice on mv Fresno City in 1959. We had loaded a cargo of bulk salt in Spain for Japan. On arrival in japan at the port of Niigata most of the crew went ashore. We were woken up in the night by news of a fire in the starboard alleyway. As we had no idea who was ashore or not I was tasked with donning the Siebe Gorman breathing apparatus and going inside. I discovered in one of the cabins two prone figures which i could not move myself. On reporting back on deck we thought the best way to reach them was via the engine room door which led into the alleyway. Brian and someone else managed to get the two men out. They were both assistant stewards one of which was 19 year old Raymond Cross who sadly died. I am glad to hear Brian is reaching his 80th birthday I am reaching my 78th in Oct. The fire was started by the cook who fell asleep in his bunk with a lighted cigarette.The years of paint soon ignited and the fire reached the bridge.We lost the Gyro compass and came home on the magnetic compass. Craig Allison. Posted on the forum 29 July 2017.

I was speaking to Bryan Boyer last night and he tells me he was also on the voyage the Fresno City had the fire. He was third mate. Mike Jones. Posted on the forum 31 July 2017.

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