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We have recently received 3 postings from relatives of crew who were in the lifeboats after the sinking.

Hello I am trying to trace anyone that may have known my uncle Arthur Hughes born 1920 that was a mess steward on the above ship. Unfortunaly his file was closed and I am unable t find out wether he died when the ship went down in 1940. He was from Wallasey in Liverpool. Greatful of any info or stories please. Jayne Hughes. Posted on forum 27 August 2017.

Hi Jayne, My late father was also serving on 'Fresno City' when she was sunk by the 'Admiral Scheer' on 5th November 1940.
There was only one casualty following the raider's attack; Ordinary Seaman Douglas Smith.
Your uncle Arthur would have been in one of the two lifeboats, possibly with my Father, Telford Mason. James Mason. Posted on forum 7 December 2017.

Hello Jayne, My late father Peter Paul was the 3RD officer aboard the "Fresno City" when she was sunk.
The information that I have is both lifeboats although separated were picked up by a Greek cargo vessel Mount Teygetus. My fathers lifeboat was some 200 miles into a course for Ireland. I do not know how long he was in the lifeboat, it would have been days not hours though. The crew must of then been landed at St Johns as I have a copy of temporary papers issued to my father by the Vice Consul of the United States St Johns Newfoundland dated 22/11/1940.
The papers state that he is proceeding to New York per S.S. Fort Amherst to join the S.S. Blackhawk. I do not know if the entire crew were transported at the same time. Richard Paul. Posted on forum 8 December 2017.

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