Three people in a bar   Hussong's Cantina, Ensenada. 1978
Laura Godding (2/O's wife), Ian Stutt (C/O), Stan Whitmore R/O.
Paul and Phil in the sun   In the ship's lifeboat
Manzanillo 1978. Boat trip to Las-Hadas. On the left photo is Laura and Phil Godding. In the boat is Philip and Laura Godding, Ian Stutt, and Alan Fox. Above photos © Ian Stutt.

Elena Darts evening in Kobe (Oct 76 - Mar 77). From left: Mike 2/O (hidden) and Zena Seaman, Chris Kelly 3/O ?4th Eng,  ? J/E, Mrs Hampton, David Edge behind Ken Hampton Elec. The remainder are Kobe mission staff and local expats. As I recall it was a regular event to play darts in the Kobe mission. Unfortunately the score says we lost that evening. This is a copy of the photograph used for the house magazine.

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