Eastern City (3)

Eastern City bell in font stand at Kobe Seafarers Centre January 2011.

Close up of bell in font   View of bell in font


Some considerable time ago, scanning Ships Nostalgia, I came across an enquiry from a Brit. working in the marine field in Kobe. He was obviously very active with the Missions to Seamen there.
His interest was to find out about a ships bell, enscribed "Eastern City", now at the Mission and being used as a Christening vessel.
As there were 5 RSL ships of this name,it was narrowed down to "Eastern City"(3)- my first ship!. I understand it is the Bridge wing bell- not the Focsle head one! Nice to know there is still a piece of her still around and being used in that manner.

These pics forwarded by Tom Newell who was 2/E with me on "Victoria City." He is now sailing with NYK.  We are in frequent contact and I just happened to mention the bell to him prior to him arriving Japan. My enquiry directly to the Mission did not produce a reply. John Cann. Posted on the forum 15th January 2011. Photographs taken by Tom Newell.

  The bell without font

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