Dungeness (1)

ID: 1118468. Built: Richardson Duck, Thornaby. Launched: 12.7.04. GT:2748. LPP: 100.9. Beam:14.5.

1904 Dungeness. Fargrove SN Co Ltd.
1917 Dungeness. Letricheux Line, Ltd, Swansea.
1920 Dungeness. Cornborough Sg Line Ltd;
1923 Dungeness. St.Just SS Co.Ltd
1927 Konsuls P Dannebergs. P Danneberg, Riga (Latvia).
1940 Konsuls P Dannebergs. USSR, Riga.
1941 Braunau. 1941 German Government, Stettin
1944 17.10.1944 mined at Oresund. Scrapped Riga late 1940’s.


Anglo African in the 1930's.
This is a photo of Arvonian but very similar to Dungeness 1917 - 1927.

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