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It is quite unusual to gain access to Officer and Crew Lists during times of national conflict. This was particularly so during WW2. However, we have been fortunate in being able to put together the Officer compliment for the maiden voyage of the Dallas City (2), from Hartlepool, in February 1944.

Though the Dallas City (2) was launched some ten years after the Houston City (1), there would appear, on the surface, to be not too many familiar faces amongst her compliment. One person of interest, however, is the Chief Steward, John Lindsay, who was Commodore Lindsay’s father.

In common with other wartime voyages, there were also three Dems Gunners in her compliment. Another wartime compliment were the three Wireless Operators.

The Dallas City (2) survived the remaining months of the conflict, and remained in the fleet until 1956, when she was sold to South African interests, becoming the Hangklip, before being sold on again, in 1966, to the Grecian Shipping Company, when she was renamed as the Jeannie K. As such, she was broken up in Shodoshima in November 1967.

Master:- Randolph Alfred Lawson
Chief Officer:- Francis Basil Pounder
Second Officer:- Robert Robson
Third Officer:- Thomas James Wedge
1st.Wireless Operator:- Hugh Kirkbride
2nd.Wireless Operator:- Donald McPhearson
3rd.Wireless Operator:- Hugh Clarkson
Chief Engineer:- Henry Hogg
Second Engineer:- John Robert Douglass
Third Engineer:- Ernie Constantine
Fourth Engineer:- Robert Blair
Jnr.Engineer:- Richard Peter Hart
Jnr.Engineer:- John Bickerton Robertson
Steward:- John Lindsay
Apprentice:- William Malcolm Booth
Apprentice:- Bernard Charles Ellison
Norman Parselle was the Cook.
Mike Jones. Posted on the forum 01 March 2013.


The best I can do is that I was Third Mate of her for two days!! In May 1953, we docked the "Bradford City" in Cardiff and I went on leave.I was recalled early to sail in her as 3/O. Meanwhile the "Dallas City" was in Glasgow and near to departure but short of a 3/O. It was decided by the powers that be, that the "Dallas" was going to sail first, so in their wisdom, I was despatched from Cardiff to Glasgow post haste where I encountered the veritable Capt. Victor Doughty!
No sooner had I got aboard than I was swiftly recalled to Cardiff to the "Bradford City" I seem to remember it was at the time of a Royal Wedding and the ships were dressed overall! John Cann. Posted on the forum 8 December 2010

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