Where are they now

On this page we will list the latest news on members of ex staff who have not yet posted on the Forum. If you have news on anyone then please post it on the Forum or contact Mike Jones or Eric Poingdestre.

Archbold Dennis Dennis remains very active and busy with his gardening , darts, and visits to the bookies. Terry Haxell 18/01/12.
Baverstock Peter Seen in Ipswich on tanker 'Humber Fisher' last year , sailing as C/0.
Jerry Coleman 06/11/09
Bidmead Paul At sea with Antartic Survey. Reg Smith 24/11/09 & Gyyn Wells 18/04/12
Birrel Jeff

Jeff has now fully retired and still lives in Preston with his wife Debbie and two young sons. Just finished building an extention. He will be 70 in 2012. David Griffith-Jones 25/01/12

Chambers Bob Still getting around although no more cruises, but has taken up flying again. "Mind you I have to go up with a pal of mine as, at 86, I consider it prudent". John Cann 15/12/11
Carr Wilfie Met Wilfie in our local ASDA the other day, he looked fit and well considering his age. Trevor Graham-Russell 23/10/10
Crawford Ian Lives Newport Gwent. Attended mini Re-Union. Reg Smith 06/09/11
Cullen Vince Currently based with Entegris, Dublin as an IT technician
Cummins Michael 3/O Living it up down under in Sydney Australia. He has his own removal company with a fleet of 10 Trucks. Jerry Coleman 04/12/09
Davies John Henry Supt with Craig Shipping of Cardiff. Reg Smith 26/12/09
Deschamps Paul At sea. C/E on Maersk Kensington. Mike Cox 30/09/11.
Draper Brian Now living in Rhiwbina. Colin Mundell 11/08/10
Tony Edwards (ex RSL 2nd Eng) is enroute to Panama to get married to his Panamanian girlfriend. Paul Gallie 20/01/12.
Eley David (Martyn) Working for Maersk Supply Services. Keith Davies 04/08/10
Everett Barry Electrician at Falmouth Drydocks. Reg Smith 24/11/09
Eyles Geoff Master on the BBC Greenland a heavy lift vessel. John Pearsall 14/02/12
Greenspan Jonathon Master on Whitelink ferry. Mike Bellamy 02/12/09
Hartshorne David Catering officer on RRS Discovery.Vessel waiting for tugboat to tow it to Salina Cruz for drydocking after snagging a fishing net around propeller and disturbing stern gland. He may retire this vovage. Tony Lightfoot 18/01/12
Haxell Terry I was speaking to Terry on the phone. He recently had lunch with Bob Chambers, Dennis Archbold, and Leon Slawinski. Tony Lightfoot 18/01/12
Hobin Andy 2/E on a Maersk ship. Mike Cox 30/09/11.
Hopewell Mark Now Key Account Manager for H2O Chemicals based in Leeds. Jerry Coleman 06/11/09
Horne Dave 2nd or 3rd engineer on the coast with an outfit called Pacifica Shipping they have two container vessels which carry containers from between the major NZ ports. Wallie Hutchings 07/11/09
Hudson Jeremy Keeps in touch with Dave Kirley 13/12/11
Hunt Paul Met Paul in Cardiff market a few days ago. He says him and his wife are well. Eric poingdestre 09/12/11.
Hutchings Wallie Shipping Manager of a NZ energy company. Wallie Hutchings 07/11/09
Jerrum Neil September 2010. Working on James Fischer's Pacific Nuclear Fleet vessels.. Mike Bellamy 12/09/10. Geoff eyles is still in touch with him. John Pearsall 14/02/12
Littler Dave Pilot at Plymouth. Jerry Coleman 06/11/09
McCalmont Alan I have made contact with Alan McCalmont from Edinburgh, Deck Cadet between 1965-1969. Now a senior executive with the world's major container shipping Company and based on the East Coast of the States. John C Gardiner 8/10/11.
Masters Bob Sailing on a NERC research ship. Reg Smith 24/11/09
Mclundie Hugh Engineering Superintendent for UKD Dredging. Jerry Coleman 06/11/09
Milburn Ken Retired and lives on a converted herring boat on the river Fal. John Cann 19/08/10
Moore Jonathon CEO of Northport, they operate the port at Marsden Point Whangarei (NZ). Wallie Hutchings 07/11/09
Morgan Ian "Yanto" Now CEO of Graig Ship Management. David Griffith-Jones 04/11/09
Morris Andy Met up with Andy Morris in Hong Kong where he is working for Lloyds register as SPSP inspector. John Pearsall 14/02/12
Neale Eddie Now Pilot at Milford Haven. Jerry Coleman 06/11/09
Neale Jeff Manager of UKD Dredging Part of ABP. Jerry Coleman 06/11/09
Nichol Alan We had dinner with Alan and Janet last Wednesday, great night. Tex 09/11/09
Prosser Tony Worsk for Avon and Somerset Police. Mike Savory 16/06/11.
Pagler John Pilot at the port of Napier Hawke Bay (NZ) Wallie Hutchings 07/11/09
Parkin William 4/E A successful businessman in Berwick-upon- Tweed running his own engineering company. He is Chairman of Berwick Rangers Football Supporters Club and also a director on the board of Berwick Rangers Football Club. John C Gardiner 04/12/09
Pink Jerry Met Pinky in HK and he is living in Australia working as an engineer for a company. John Pearsall 14/02/12
Slawinski Leon Leon is a staid 86 year old but had lunch with him the other day. Terry Haxell 18/01/12.
Swindles Colin The senior Master on a P&O Dover/Calais ferry was none other that ex RSL Deck Officer Colin Swindles. Jerry Coleman 10/03/10
Tay Albert

Albert Tay who left APL in 2009 and started a heavy-lift company
serving the oil and gas industry out of Singapore. Now with 2 US vessels and 3 charter they are doing well as they had nothing and went for broke. Griff Jones 18/01/12.

Taylor Iain Met up with Iain Taylor who was C/E with us in the early ‘70s.  He Joined the Northern Lighthouse Board after leaving RSL and remained with them until retirement, ending up as their Superintendent. He and his wife keep well and live at Dalgety Bay. Tony Lightfoot. 06/04/12.
Vaughan Peter PLA pilot. Jerry Coleman 14/02/10
Wagner Joe Lives with his German wife in Hamburg. Griff Jones 27/02/12.
Ward Pam I met Pam and her sister at a restaurant in Cardiff last month. They are both well, but Pam does not have Internet access. Eric Poingdestre 28/12/2011
Woolard Ian Master on Whitelink ferry, probably retired. Mike Bellamy 02/12/09
Worsnop Mark The 1st officer on a Scottish Fishery Protection vessel was none other than ex RSL Deck Cadet Mark Worsnop. Jerry Coleman 10/03/10
Yool David Had a visit last week from David Yool and his wife Maureen.  They are both well, though Dave has had a couple of minor strokes, but he still plays lots of golf on his local Carnoustie clubs. Tony Lightfoot. 06/04/12.
York Julian His parents moved to Appledore and opened a restaurant on the Quay. He married a local girl (a distant relative of mine!) and is now retired and living in Northam. John Cann 8/10/11.