Unknown photos

Members are sending in some photos but in some cases they do not know the name of the ship, who is in the photos, or the date.

To enable us to use these photos they will be shown on the pages below and then hopefull we can receive information from members and move them to the correct ship.

If you see them on a ship page and do not agree then do please post up on the Forum with your suggestion. Maybe you can name some of the unknown officers.

It has been suggested by 2 members this is the bar of the Devon City (4) and has been added to page 10.
Unknown 001 Several members have suggested it is the Orient City (3) and it has been moved to page 5. Some names still missing.
Unknown 002
Esther Mathews has sent in some photos which include her late husband John. Can you names the ships and/or the people involved
Unknown 003
We have some more photos received from Esther Mathews. Can you name the ships and/or the people in these photos.
Unknown 004
David Litson has sent in this photo. It has been suggested that it was taken on the Port Alberni and has been added to the bottom of page 10.