Built in 1907 by Bremer Vulkan at Vegesak, as Riol for Roland Line VG, Bremen.
5329 gt: LBP 127.9: Beam 16.6m Service speed 10.5kts.

1907 Riol. Roland Line VG, Bremen.
1921 Riol. British Government (WW1 Reparition).
1921 Riol. Douglas Smith, Cardiff.
1921 Riol. Leeds Shipping Co.Ltd., Bideford.
1927 Preradovic. Jugoslavensko-Amerikaniske Plovidba ad., Split Yugoslavia.
1928 Preradovic. Jugoslavenski Lloyd dd., Split Yugoslavia.
1940 Fircrest. Crest Sg Co Ltd., London.
1940 Torpedoed and sunk by u-124, in 58.52N:06.34W, on 25th August on passage from Wabana, Newfoundland to Middlesbrough with a cargo of Iron Ore. There were no survivors.


Riol 1921 to 1927.

Note:- To read more about the Riol, see the account of her in the World War 1 article on Page 16 of rslduringww1.pdf

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