Pete Munro

Sadly found out that Pete Munro has passed away earlier this week!
He was first trip junior engineer on the PRC in 78 and hailed from Newport, I don't know how long he sailed with Reardon Smiths but I know he met a young lady in Mexico and ended up marrying and settling with her in Mexico. Crossed the bar far too young. RIP Pete. Glynne Morgan. Posted on the Forum 13 September 2017.

My condolences to Pete' family. I was on the same voyage as Pete and Glynne on the PRC and I found him to be a "Canny Lad". I don't know when he left RSL, but a few years later I met him at the check-in desk at Manzanillo Airport when leaving a ship. He was a superintendent engineer with a small Mexican company out of Quatsocolacos and he was enjoying living in Mexico. R.I.P. Pete.
T. Graham-Russell. Posted on the Forum 14 September 2017.



September 2017.