Brian Hernaman

Strange isn't it, only a week or so ago I was wondering what happened to the various people I have sailed with during my 20 years or so with RSL. Then by chance I was chatting to an old RSL seafarer who sailed before my time and he pointed me to this website.
I have been retired since 2013 after 25 years with V.Ships, working in various roles but mostly as a technical coordinator in a team managing general cargo, bulk carriers, container ships ferries and latterly cruise ships.
The office was in Southampton and we moved from North Devon in 1991.
My last contact was at the second reunion at Leytons Pub.

Just thinking of my first trip on Devon City with Pete Bullard. John and Tony, Master and First Mate always come to mind and we did meet like you say at the last reunion. I can see the Second Mate but cannot name him. He played the guitar. Third Mate was Pete Baverstock unless I' m confused. Chalky White C/E, 2/E was a big hairy guy and 3/E, the name escapes me.
The open air cinema nights overlooking hatch 4, the swimming pool in the dammed up alleyway, rigging grain shifting boards off the South African coast and swimming off the ship in Manzanillo, until that big hammerhead cruised in around the bottom of the gangway.



September 2017.