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Todays Daily Mail carried an article about ships laid up in the River Fal and how they detract from the views across the river.
What caught my eye was the reference to one, Ken Milburn 72, a retired Merchant Mariner who lives on a converted herring boat, hopping to the shops and bar of the Smugglers Inn in his dingy. He cannot wait for these ships to leave so that he can see the lovely Cornish hills instead of looking at cranes and funnels.
I remember Ken when he was with RSL as Apprentice through to Mate. I think he ended up Mate of the "Lacondon" (Could be wrong). Anyone else remember him? John Cann. Posted on forum 19 August 2010.

I believe Kenny Milburn suffered a very serious accident on one of the 840's. Falling Steel ! think it happened in early 80's. I'm sure someone out there will have more details. Jerry Coleman. Posted on forum 19 August 2010.

Jerry is correct about Ken. A piece of heavy steel severely damaged one of his legs. I vaguely think it happened in South America. He was never able to go to sea again.
I have fond memories of Ken. When I was Mate on car Carrier Indian City, he was there for some time as extra c/o. One of my lifelong passions has always been bird watching, and sea birds became something of a speciality for me. Like many seafarers, Ken was fascinated with them, but didn't always know their proper names, and I was glad of the opportunity to put that right.
Crossing the Pacfic, I remember pointing out to him the two common Albatrosses of that region: the Laysan Albatross and the Black-Footed Albatross. I went on to explain that there were also two others: the Waved Albatross that breeds in the Galapagos, but does not roam too far distant, and the extremely rare Short-Tailed Albatross, which at that time was down to about 25 pairs which only bred on a small volcanic island, Torishima, well off the Japanase coast. As Ken kept the 4-8 watch, I descibed the bird in detail to him and told him that should he ever see one to call me whatever time it was.
I remember to this day Ken calling me to the bridge at about 0500, pointing, and saying is that a Short-tailed Albatross. And it most certainly was, and remains one of my most memorable bird sightings.
I am very pleased to hear that he is still around. Mike Jones. Posted on forum 20 August 2010.

Sailed with Ken Milburn firstly on the Cornish City in 1971 with DLG and Norman Brown, he was 2nd Mate I was third trip apprentice, was was returning to deep sea after spell fishing out of Helston I think with his brother, I sailed with him again on the Victoria City, old man was Robin Stuart his first trip old man, in 1974 he relieved Ian Crawford as mate half way through the voyage Ian if I remember rightly was leaving to take up his first command. Ken had his wife with him that trip. Wally Hutchings. Posted on forum 21 August 2010.

I holidayed in Falmouth 1994 with my wife and during our holiday we were in touch with Ken Milburn and spent a couple of enjoyable evenings with he and his wife at Helston. He was, at that time,sailing as Master with Ropners, and seemed very contented with his lot. We sailed together a few times and he was invariably a very good shipmate. Tony Lightfoot. Posted on forum 20 August 2010.

Kenny's accident was on the Welsh City in February 76 when she was on charter to the Dutch Company KNSM. The accident took place in one the Carribean island ports. His wife was with him at the time. I was flown out to the next port, Nassau, to take over. Willie Cross was the Master.
I next sailed with Kenny when he was Master on the Lacandon in 83. On one occasion, one of the top sheaves on No 4 crane failed. Cardiff told us to keep the use of a shore crane to a minimum. Being stubborn, I said we could do it with ship's gear. Unfortunately, the large pin holding all three sheaves wouldn't budge. Kenny came up to see what the problem was. My abiding memory is of him standing on the very top of the crane, wielding a large sledge hammer. In the face of that, the pin gave in gracefully. Ian Stutt. Posted on forum 15 February 2011.


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