Kevin Walmsley

I joined RSL in 1970 as a Junior Engineer and left in 1977
July 1970-Jan 1971           J/E                         Cornish City
May 1971-Sept 1971       J/E                         Houston City
Nov 1971-Apr 1972          4/E                        Welsh City
June 1972- Dec 1972       4/E                        Atlantic City
Feb 1973-July1973           JUN 3/E                Maria Elisa
Aug 1973-Sept 1973        Extra 3/E              Cornish City
March 1974-Aug 1974     3/E                         Tacoma City
Oct 1974-Feb 1975           3/E                         Sara Lupe
June 1975-Oct 1975         3/E                         Atlantic City
May 1976-Dec 1976         3/E                         Welsh City
March 1977-Aug 1977     3/E                         Elena

After leaving, I worked for various shipping companies as well as two short stints ashore until finally coming ashore permanently in 1986.
I then worked for  United Utilities (one of the water companies) for 26 years, 16 in Operations and the final 10 in the Design & Engineering Department before finally retiring in 2013.

I’ve been married for 39 years with 3 children and 6½ grandchildren. The half is due to become a whole in November.


August 2016.