Steve Randall

It is with regret that we record the death, on Tuesday, 21st December 1971, of Mr. Stephen Thomas Riordean Randall who, until retirement in 1967, had served the Company for 46 years. Mr. Randall was appointed to the Board of Directors in 1951 and was principally engaged in the Accounts Department.
Although Mr. Randall had not been well for some while, it was tragic that he died in the office during one of his regular visits to see the Staff. Perhaps the best tribute that can be paid to Mr. Randall is to quote the words of the Minister officiating at the Memorial Service. "Stephen was, without doubt, a man's man and had consideration for other people and was interested in their welfare. He thought the world of his two grandsons, Philip and Stephen, who have inherited the qualities of their grandfather - both excelling on the football field, one at Soccer and one at Rugby."

Mrs. Randall died a few years ago and Mr. Randall is survived by one son, John, who many will recall, served the Company at sea for some years, and to whom we extend our deepest sympathy.



Printed in the Reardon Smith Newsletter December 1971.