Norman Brown

Members and ex-shipmates will be sad to learn, that Captain Norman Brown died on January 8th 2017. His death was sudden and unexpected and happened whilst visiting his family in Victoria, Canada. Captain Brown trained at William Reardon Smith's School of Marine Navigation before joining his first ship. He sailed with the company for 16 years until 1971. He then joined Sealink Ferries at Fishguard where he was eventually promoted to Senior Master. I sailed with him often on various ships and found him to be a very fine Captain and a gentleman. Andrew Vost. Posted on the Forum 12 March 2017.

I suppose it is the result of the passage of time, but to hear of the death of another fine Mate I sailed with as a cadet is saddening.
Sailed with Norman on the M/V Cornish City, the late DLG Jones was the Master and Danny Trigg was the Chief. He was a fair and generous man, wouldn't say he gave the cadets a hard time, but he did bring out the best in us that is for sure, mainly because you didn't want to let him down, he was that sort of person. Wally H. Posted on the Forum 12 March 2017.

Was saddened to hear of the passing of Norman. Going back a few years, but I sailed with him - I was 2/O he was 3/O so that dates it. I believe it was "Bradford City" I knew he had left Smiths for employment on the ferries. R.I.P.Norman. Condolences to the family. John Cann. Posted on the Forum 13 March 2017.

Yes Sorry to hear the sad news about Norman's passing, a fine gentleman, I was just thinking about him the other week. My deepest sympathy to the family.
He was mate on the first voyage of the PRC back in 1970, with Mark Higgins as Master, Julian York as 2/O and myself as 3/O, the trip that we ran ashore in the Mississippi, after the steering gear broke. If I remember rightly he hailed from Haverfordwest area.
And Yes John your memory is correct, you were on the Bradford (4) with him as 3/O and you 2/O, there's a photo of you both on the Bradford site. Graham Mapplebeck. Posted on the Forum 13 March 2017.