Hugh Parry

Hugh Parry was born 23 September 1924 and died on 30 March 2007.
He was with Reardon Smith for his 4 year apprenticeship.
He joined the SS Sacromento Valley on 15/02/1941. He was aboard her when she was torpedoed on 06/06/1941 and was in a lifeboat for 3 days. The vessel that picked them up was MV Caithness.

He joined the SS Barwhin early in September 1941 and left in December 1941.
After some leave he joined the Imperial Valley which was in dry-dock and went for sea trials on 2nd January 1942, and set sail for North America on 4th January 1942. He left 19th May 1943.

He joined the SS Botlea in June 1943. After a 2 years 2 months voyage he arrived home and after a few months holiday he went to Nautical College to study for his second Mate's certificate.



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