Nick Millward

Here is my resume.

I worked on the following Smith's ships
1979 - Welsh City, Engineer Cadet. Masters were Gosset, and Stains, C/E was Danny Trigg
1980 - Fresno City, Engineer Cadet. Master was Lindsay, C/E was Joe Cormack
1981 - Amparo, Engineer Cadet. Master was Stuart
1982 - Tacoma City, 4th Engineer. Master was Hunt?), C/E was Larry Fletcher(?)
1982 - Victoria City, 4th Engineer.
1983 - Cardiff City, 4th Engineer. Master was Powell, C/E was Bill Gill(?)
1983 - Eastern Valley, 3rd Engineer.
1984 - Amparo, 3rd Engineer. Master was Ray Skinner
1985 - Western Valley, 3rd Engineer. Master was Birrell, C/E was Dave Wedlake(?)
Smiths Collapsed, and Paul Heyman, Myself and Jeff Birrell babysat the ship until the new owners (Vroon) took her over. I stayed on the ship as 2nd Engineer for two months.

After Smiths, Tim Lawson found me a job on a Livestock carrier with KLTT as Second and (from 1987) as Chief Engineer . I stayed until mid 1998, then worked for a whole variety of companies.
Memories include joining a ship (Perius for Wallem IOM) to find Master was Mark Lovibond, and 2/E Keith Baines. Dreadful Ship but good fun!
In 1993, when I joined Columbia Shipmanagement until 1998 as Chief Engineer. in 1996, I had the pleasure of Dave Simons as my Second Engineer, on the Chiquita Jean.
From 1997 - 1998, I work supervising New Buildings in China, and in Gdansk
In 1998, I had an accident and lost my left leg above the knee. Know I wear a prosthesis (or HOP!)
From 1999 until 2007, I worked as Technical Superintendent for CSM, in Cyprus and in Hamburg.
2009 - 2010 FleetManager with DS Schiffahrt (Hamburg)
2011 to date - Technical Manager with Hansa Heavy lift (Hamburg)

April 2015.