D L G Jones

Tt is with deep regret and sadness that we announce the passing of D L G Jones on 5 October 1982. Captain Jones joined the company as an apprentice on the Leeds City on 3 January 1938 and served with Reardon Smith Line throughout his whole career, eventually becoming Master of the Vancouver City in 1962. He served on many of the Companiess ships and throughout his long career, gave loyal and unstinting service. He was a great friend to all who sailed with him and knew him ashore.

After his retirement in September 1979 Captain D L G Jones moved to Newquay, West Wales, having been appointed harbour master and was involved in various activities in thee port, particularly with the yachting club, of which he was a committee member. He was always welcome when he visited head office, because of his cheerful disposition and he had a smile for everyone. Capt Jones will be sadly missed by all who knew him and our deepest sympathy is extended to Mrs Jones and family at this time.

Printed in the Reardon Smith Newsletter No. 153. October 1982.