J D Lloyd

It is with very deep regret we record the sudden death of Commodore J D Lloyd on 16th November 1979. As readers all have seen in the October issue, Commodore Lloyd had been in hospital following an accident when he fractured his thigh. He had apparently been making good progress and when visited by one of our technical directors only a fortnight ago, he looked well and was in good spirits. He was restricted to bed, as a long pin had been put through his leg to assist the healing of the fracture. it was the removal of this page which precipitated a crisis from which Commodore Lloyd did not recover. Commodore Lloyd joined the company in 1930 as an apprentice and eventually appointed master in 1945 at the age of 31, which is believed to be the youngest age for any officer to be appointed Master. He was a loyal and able master and was appointed Commodore of the Fleet in September 1973, being the first to officially be given this title.To Mrs Lloyd and her family, we extend our very deepest sympathy in their time of sadness.

Printed in the Reardon Smith Newsletter No.118. November 1979.