John Williams

it is with very great sadness that we record the sudden passing, on 8th November 1979, of Mr John Williams, Director and Chief Accountant, Head Office. He was 54.
The news stunned all those who knew him, as he had been at his desk until shortly before his death on his way home. John Williams joined the company in 1941 and which he serves most loyally in his quiet and efficient way. He was appointed chief accountant in June 1973 and a director in August 1973. He contributed a tremendous amount of work to help the company through the recent difficult periods during the recession and not only commanded so much respect, but also cheerfulness, sense of fun and dry humour helped to make him a most likeable popular person. He was a keen badminton player and cricketer played through the season with the Office cricket team. he will be very much this my oldest friends and colleagues and we extend that Mrs Sylvia Williams and her family are sincere sympathy at this sad time.

Printed in the Reardon Smith Newsletter No.118. November 1979.