T K Watson

It was with regret we heard of the passing of Mt T K Watson on 1st August 1979 at the age of 87.
Mr Watson joined the company 1927 and retired in 1963, after many years in the superintendents Department. In 1951 he was made a director and remainder is head of this department until his retirement. We would like to record our appreciation of the tremendous service Mr Watson gave to the company over many years and the respect and affection in which he was held, not only by his colleagues on the board, but by the staff generally. since his retirement, those of us to whom Mr Watson often spoke on the telephone, enjoyed the conversations we had any never failed to enquire after - and send messages to - those whom he knew. It was nice for those here to maintain this close association and many of our longest serving staff often asked for news of him. Our sincere sympathy is extended to all his family at this sad time.

Printed in the Reardon Smith Newsletter No.115. August 1979.