Jeremy Hudson

Many happy and fond memories of my 11 years with RSL and all the great characters that I sailed with over those years.

Sailed on Maria Elisa, Welsh City (Panamax), Port Alberni City, New westminster city, Bibi, Silvia Sofia, Skeena, Azteca 1, Voyager 1, Tepozteco, Guanajauto ....... ????

Left end of 1988 and joined Shell shipping, where still employed. Moved ashore for 2 years in 1992 ...... and still not gone back to sea yet. Worked in Houston, Los Angeles, Singapore, London, Buenos Aires, and now back in London on Strand. Variety of jobs ashore in both Ship quality assurance, Ship management and commercial shipping. Also qualified as Chartered Shipbroker in 1997. Currently finishing rolling out a new set of Maritime Standards across Shell including development and implementation of a business process and an IT tool to manage Maritime assurance across 169 countries. Prior to that I was Fleet Manager of Shells international oil tanker fleet - around 20 ships from 10K to 300K DWT and prior to that I was Regional Marine Manager for Latin America and the Carribean, including being fleet manager for the 6 ships owned by Shell Argentina. (New that Mexican Spanglish would come in handy somewhere).

Still in regular contact with Dave Kirley, Dave and Sue Aldus (Now Sue Bentley) and Mike Dunstall (Now PC Maritime after retiring as Squadron leader in RAF). Occasional contact with Remmers and Pinky via Dave Kirley.

Also teach sailing and powerboating for RYA and secretary of Guildford Junior Ice Hockey Club where my two 6'3" boys play.




July 2014.