Geoffrey Bull

I was with the Reardon Smith Line from 1974 to 1978 . I joined as a Junior Engineer and finished as a Fourth Engineer (Some of the best time of my life , and still relate my stories to friends and family ) . I sailed on Victoria City , Atlantic City , Sara Lupe and Fresno City in that order . I emigrated to South Africa in 1981 , where I presently reside . I am working for myself as an Engineering contractor and doing well . I am approaching my 60th birthday and look forward to retiring . My main hobby is model boat building and amongst the models I have built include RMS Titanic , HMS Bark Endevour but my favourite is a scale model of MV Atlantic City , which I built  without any drawings or plans from an aerial photograph of her sailing in the English Channel and from memory . In 1983 I almost returned to sea as I missed it so much . I had an interview and offered a position as a Third Engineer with Unicorn Lines ( Mostly Coasters then ) and promised a Second Engineers position after six months . Sadly I had to turn it down as the salary was insufficient to keep my young family to the way they were accustomed . My name in the news letter was G.C.Bull but all the guys nicknamed me Jiffy .





April 2014.