Terry Davies

I was employed by RSL from September 1967 to July 1978 as an engineer.
I served as a cadet from 1967 at college in Swansea and Glasgow and then sailed on the following ships:

Chiyoda, cadet, August 1970 to February 1971
Prince Rupert City, cadet, March 1971 to September 1971
Devon City, J4/E, November 1971 to March 1972
Wilkawa, 4/E, May 1972 to November 1972
Vancouver City, 4/E, February 1973 to July 1973
Port Alberni City, 3/E, September 1973 to January 1974
Sara Lupe, 2/E, May 1974 to October 1974
New Westminster City, 2/E, January 1975 to July 1975
Cornish City, 2/E, October 1975 to February 1976
Welsh City, 2/E, May 1976 to December 1976
Welsh City, JC/E, September 1977 to January 1978
Prince Rupert City, C/E, January 1978 to July 1978

I came ashore following the birth of my daughter, Jane and worked on the ferries in Dover and Folkestone. This was followed by a period as Superintendent in Miami (Sea Containers), Holyhead and Folkestone. After this I moved onto Harwich International Port as Operations and Marketing Manager finally becoming General Manager. I took early retirement in January 2006 and have never looked back!!
My wife, Eira and I now live in Cumbria on the Duddon Estuary and spend our time walking, boating, gardening, holidaying and volunteering for the National Trust as well as visiting children and grandchildren in Surrey and New Zealand . September 2013.