Malcolm Bennington

I have been trying to write something on the forum, but as I do not use Outlook Express my mail failed to reach you.
I have met you 2-3 times mainly in drydock when you were superintendant.

Here is my history--
I joined RSL March 1974 as a 'leccy' (previous employment with Ellerman Lines and one trip with Whitco Marine) My first trip was on the Fresno City 12/3/74-5/8/74.Then Newestminster City 22/1/75-4/7/75 Atlantic City 31/10/75-22/1/76 Maria Elisa 4/5/7627/9/76 Atlantic 2/12/76-30/4/77 Sara Lupe 30/7/77-9/1/78
Port Alberni City 29/4/78-1/9/78 Prince Rupert City 7/11/78-6/4/79 Devon City 28/6/79-27/10/79 Newestminster City 12/1/80-16/6/80 Samia 5/10/80-23/1/81
Newestminster City 3/4/81-9/8/81 Cardiff City 17/10/81-3/6/82 Cardiff City 18/8/82-16/1/83 Cardiff City/Eastern Valley 5/5/83 -18/10/83 
Eastern Valley 23/1/84-1/6/84 Eastern Valley 16/7/84-8/11/84 eastern Valley 31/12/84-24/7/85 Skeena 11/10/85-7/4/86 Guanajuato 29/5/86-27/8/86
Bibi 4/10/86-21/3/87 Lerma 25/5/87-26/7/87 Guanajuato 28/7/87-9/11/87 Guanjuato 18/1/88-7/4/88 Tepozteco 26/6/88-3/9/88 Sonia M 6/9/88-8/11/88.

I would be pleased to hear from anybody who sailed with me on these ships.