Peter Rowland

Just stumbled across the Reardon Smiths website. Excellent and brought back many happy memories. I joined the company in 1972 as a Navigating Cadet and spent four great years with them. Served on the Indian City, Vancouver City, Maria Elisa, Chiyoda and Sara Lupe. The website brings it all back. Remember the Maria Elisa with particular affection. Stayed on her for 10 months, including time at Kobe with a fire in the hold, cotton bales which were hard to extinguish. I recall there were also some silver ingots in a special secure room in the hold. We wondered if they had melted in the heat and we'd be faced with a solid silver floor but sadly not.

Think it might be me in one of the photos on the Sara Lupe. The caption asks " who is this officer?" I joined in Acapulco in July 1975 as Uncert 3rd Mate. We flew home from Kobe in Dec '75. JJ Kalnins was Captain, someone I remember with real gratitude. He had exacting standards and one learned a huge amount from him.

Less certain of other names from the company after nearly 40 years. Mike Snook, Glyn with his trumpet, Clancy Collins. Such a shame that the company folded. I left in 1976 and joined Bookers, then left the sea, went to Uni and into teaching which I've loved. Will never forget those days at sea though and the great Welsh spirit which there always was on board. Posted on forum 6 August 2013.