Paul Pepler

On Saturday mornings I attend an exercise class at LLanfoist village hall just outside Abergavenny, the class is rehabilitation for people who have heart attacks and such like. One of the fellows I have got friendly with is a 84 year old called Paul Pepler, Paul did a deck apprenticship with RSL starting in 1946 & he has given me the following details.

VANCOUVER CITY - 27/11/46 until 15/5/47
FORT FORK - 3/6/47 until 11/9/47 with Captain G Duffy
BRADBURN - 12/9/47 until 11/4/48 with Captain D Marks
CORNISH CITY - 12/6/48 until 17/1/49 with Captain J Sloan
NEW WESTMINSTER CITY 4/3/49 until 27/4/49 with Captain G Duffy
BRADFORD CITY - 11/5/49 until 6/7/50 with Captain F W Picton Davies

He told me he had got his 2nd mates ticket by then but decided to come ashore to work for the forestry, however he was told he would have to do National service so rather than return to sea he went in the RAF,he ended up stationed in Porthcawl on the fast rescue boats the Raf had stationed there, he maintained he had 2 great years swimming and fishing.
After his service in the RAF he returned to sea with the Environmenatal ship that was stationed in Barry.

Paul does not have a computer so I pass items to him if I believe he would be interested, he is a great guy to speak with, I did lend him my copy of the History of RSL which he really enjoyed.
Willie Davies. Posted on Forum 15 July 2013.

I was serving on the Vancouver City when Paul joined straight from Abergavenny
via a navel outfitters in Newport who had supplied him with the full RSL list.
Cap at a jaunty angle full uniform and the biggest pair of working boots.
When questioned why the boots Paul always had the answer. The shoes were lighter
to carry!!! Grand fellow. Always wondered what happened to him. No news letters
in those days. Please give him my regards Willie
Griff Jones. Posted on Forum 16 July 2013.