Chris Kisch

I am currently working as a "Materials Manager" aka Stock controller for Sensient Flavors- American Flavour House, based in Milton Keynes. Been here for 16 years.  

Basically really made a mess of my career after leaving RSL in 1975 when Ian Cowan relieved me as Third (Me uncertificated) in Amsterdam. Funnily enough I saw the NWC in Capetown in 1985 (last leg of last trip -on way to Rio) where I was working as General Manager for a small engineering group. Went on board and he was there (as Third). Had a curry and the memories just flooded back.

Essentially Smiths put me on the straight and narrow from a lifestyle that was going to backslide into oblivion. I am eternally grateful for the likes of Bob Clifford, Ken "Bonzo" Jones, John Towning, Danny Trigg, Colin Hughes, Austin Burnell and so many others, including the OMs, who steering me into a discipline of life of working hard and playing hard and appreciating a good company (in its day). And further giving me a second chance after the Gela (Geoff Birrell seemed to be keen to keep me).

May 2013.