Ryan Pringle

The foreman fitter at the place I served my apprenticeship was called Jimmy Pringle, he was 3/E on the Bradford City at some time in the fifties. Obviously, he will have most probably passed away years ago. He was the one who put me in touch with RSL. I wonder if any of the "older" readers would have met him in their travels. Tex Graham-Russell. Posted on forum 15 March 2011.

I am the grandson of Jimmy Pringle, he told me about his times at sea with the Bradford City, and having looked it up I came across your comment. I am pleased to inform you he is still alive and well living in Amble (25/04/2013) and I am sure he would like to here from you or anyone else who knew him from his time on the Bradford City. Ryan Pringle. Posted on forum 25 April 2013.

Good to hear your Grandad is still with us, he must be quite an age now. Your grandad was instrumental in my joining Reardon Smith, his stories about being at sea decided me that was what I wanted to do.
Could you please send me a phone number or an address so that I contact you or your grandad, for I would like to meet him again. I live in South Tyneside, so I am not too far away. Trevor Graham-Russell. Posted on forum 26 April 2013.