Rodney Birchinall

I was interested to hear Commodore Higgins on Radio 4 and my thoughts went back to 1953-57 when I was employed in the London Office of Reardon Smith, with a break for National Service 1955-57. Like another correspondent being a frustrated sailor I applied for the Royal Navy but was drafted to the Army and served in Cyprus. Regrettably I didn't have the brilliant idea of your other correspondent and apply for a position with the line! All my duties were concerned with the agency for States Marine Lines, and Safmarine. Not being able to fulfil my dream to go to sea,I changed course to a marketing career which has treated me well, having our own business eventually, and am now retired in Dorset, and I still sail. My senior manager at Reardon Smith was Keith Stuart, and the director Morton LLewellyn, and I remember a kindly American, Dick Barker?

December 2013.