John Bateman

My name is John Bateman and I joined RSL as a very young man in 1978. I Served as a Cadet & Third Mate with the Company for around 5 years - I can't recall all the dates and Ships but hope this site and people who email me, will be able to refresh my fading memory lol.

I left and joined the Police but by the fact of my short time with RSL, accept many may not recall me. I have looked at the names and for sure bells do ring, and found a picture of me when 'crossing the line' - I hope to make the reunion in May 2013, so as to again put faces to names !

I hope you are all well - sadly my health is not so hot and I have Retired from the force but many years have passed, so too much to write to update you all at once.

My Nautical College was Hull and if anyone went there with me even better.

December 2012.