Rodney Cowden

My name is Rodney Cowden from Northern Ireland and I was an engineer with RSL when we sailed together in the late sixties and i seem to remember the old man giving us a stern talk regarding our lack of funds or should I say debt to the ship.

I left the New Westminster City in New Orleans and was flown home at my wife's request for the birth of our first child. Like a lot of people I really enjoyed the years spent on RSL ships with some of the great characters, D Beynon, John Dutton, Jack Chatton, Willie Monroe, Jack Barnes, Tony Crowther, Evan Walmsley,Sean Cullinane not forgetting my old mate J P L McCarthy.
My final RSL ship was Indian City as 3/E joining in Marmagoa and discharging in Dungun Malaya.

December 2012.