Laurie Walsh

Have just read forum for the first time and saw Charlie Boyer with whom I sailed on the Leeds City in 1958 when I was an engineer cadet, and again in 1964 when I was 2nd engineer on the Cardiff City. He is quite correct about the top end bearing problems, we virtually lived in the crankcase. Other ships were the Orient City as junior and fourth engineer, and the Houston City as third. Other service was seen Harrisons heavy lifters, and finally Prince line(six week trips round the med, almost like a shore job). Later on I went ashore and finished my working life as the engineer of a papermill. As is common, I often reflect on my seatime, the people sailed with, "Solly Wainwright, Len Taylor, Danny Trigg etc., and would appreciate to hear from any former shipmates. Shore life certainly came out as second best to being at sea.

December 2012.