Keith Bartlett

John Towning, Chief Eng. and I 2/e joind in Baltimore 30/3/68, paid off 17/11/58. Willie Cross was master and I thinl Tony Crowther was mate I cant remember any of the others.
We were somewhere off Norfolk I think when the engine stopped, I think it was about 10.00 am.
The C/E got a message from the engine room that the crank shaft was broken, on arrival in the engine room much toour relief it was only a broken camshaft.
Fortunately we had a J/E who had served his time as a welder he welded together the break and we fitted three staps to further hold the shaft together.
Much to our relief all went well and we were met by tugs at the Norfolk pilot station.
I believe this was John Townings first trip as Chief. Robbie Bell. Posted on forum 2nd February 2010.

Robbie - I have just read your post regarding the camshaft problem and believe I was the j/e who welded the camshaft. It was nice to read it after all those years. Keith Bartlett. Posted on forum 24th November 2010.