Alan McNally

Dont know if you remember me but I worked for Reardon Smith for about 5 years.I was sailing as fourth engineer on the Vancouver City where I think we played against each other in a football match in Lisbon, I think it was against the Fresno City. (Email sent to Mike Jones)
Packed in playing football when I was 40 years old, to many injuries,my body couldnt do the things I wanted.
Anyway I have been married to my wife Pauline for over 35 years,have two sons, Steven 31 years old and Andrew who is 25 years old.
I left the merchant navy in 1979 and worked in Saudi Arabia for two years as a power plant and systems supervisor on a military airport. After two years out there I was ready for a change (no drink, and I was the only European on the site)
I decided to try and stay at home and worked on various power stations throughout the country which I did for about five years.
I left the power station work in 1986 and joined the railway at a local maintenance depot just outside of Newcastle where I ended up as shift supervisor maintaining the trains for 21 years. I decided to take a voluntary severance package in 2007 which would have been madness to refuse due to the amount of cash they were offering. After 21 years on the railway I didn't bother looking for any jobs for about 6 months, living a life of leisure is easy to get used to.
I am now working for a firm who deal in pneumatics, this involves working on a computer giving technical information and selling products, no weekend working, no shift working, no getting covered in oil and grease, working sensible hours, this job will see me up until retirement in 2015. (roll on).

November 2012.