Dave Davies

I was only with RSL for 18 months.

Was on the Cornish City on the maiden voyage as Jnr R/O with Capt Danny Lloyd and yourself as mate. The only others I can remember on that trip was the leky Kenny Hampton and John Louden as Ch Stwd.
Dave Davies. Posted on Forum 7 October 2012.

Great to hear from you Dave after all these years.
You are one person I always remember from that voyage as it only seems like yesterday that Jimmy, the Joinery Foreman, told me that he had been instructed to extend the bunk in one of the spare cabins by about 18 inches which took it right under the wash hand basin.
As it was already about 6 ft 6 ins we were expecting you to be at least 7 ft 6 ins tall and were quite disappointed that you were only about 6 ft 8! Anyway, you could still take out the overhead bulbs in the radio room I seem to remember.
Jimmy was also the guy that we did the (very private!) deal with to supply all the wood and fittings to construct that great bar we built. I have a bunch of pictures somewhere showing the construction which I will have to dig out

That was a great trip on the Cornish with many teething problems both on deck and down below but I have to say it was a very happy ship with great cooperation all round to make it all work, starting at the top with two great characters, Danny Lloyd and the Chief…Len Taylor. Who can forget Kenny Hampton – a fine shipmate and John Louden – a fine feeder! Tony Crowther. Posted on Forum 8 October 2012.

October 2012.