Martyn Allen

I'm still trying to find anyone who may have been on Chiyoda from March 1970 - September 1970 Falmouth to Japan via Houston

Captain Bart Parkhouse
C/O Geoff Garlic
C/E Evan Walmsley
C/S Charlie Allen

I'm Charlie Allens son and was on board during this time (13 years old) i'm going back to Japan again Oct 2012 and will be trying to find some of the plases visited but have no family left to ask just a few photos. I'm sure the names above are correct, I met with Capt Parkhouse and his wife shortly before he died at his home in Appledore Devon that was in 1995 ish.

I was in Japan last year and went to Shimizu and Shizuoka, it has changed so much - also took the bullit train past Mt Fuji.

This year will be staying down at Osaka/Kobe and visiting the site of Expo 70 plus the Kobe Tower, both are still there and I remember them both.

Belfast 1963.
Charlie Allen with his son Martyn.
  Charlie Allen and son Martyn

October 2012.