Andrew Jaggers

I've only recently come across this site and the news of David Mockett's untimely death. I first met him when he boarded the Fresno City in Jeddah in 1979 where I was Mate and he was well established in the Operations Department in Gray Mackenzie, contractors for Saudi Porta Authority. He was particlualry keen to see the crew lists in latest RSL Newsletter and to determine his theoretical seniorority within RSL,quckly concluding that he would have made Master by then. I don't know if that estimate was accurate but two years later, following redundancy from RSL, I found myself working under him in Jeddah in the Port's Coordination Centre where he was the boss. By this time he knew pretty much everything that was going on in the port and enjoyed making life in Saudi Arabia a bit easier for me as a new starter through his sense of humour. Although I stayed in that job only six months, I spent 4 more years in Jeddah as a Surveyor and met David often in the port and occasionally socially outside it. I knew that later he was working in Yemen but was surpried to learn he was still working there and shocked to hear how he had been killed.


August 2012.