John Hughes

I have just found this site... courtesy of my old friend Alan Nichol...(devon city) joined RSL as a deck apprentice in 1961 and left in 1969. Sailed on the King City (Idris Williams, Mark Higgins, Johns) then to tne Cardiff City idris again.. then the Houston City with Picton Davis and Joe Thornhill... there followed Devon City with Dia Beynon then to the Atlantic City with Joe Thornhill again... a young wife and daughter convinced me that there was more to life than long trips, so it was off to Esso and 30 years later I had gone from third mate to master to Vice President of the International fleet.... then 5 years as executive drector of OCIMF and endless and facinating days at the IMO .. happy times !

Its good to read the names from my past Charlie Boyer... Graham Mapplebeck, Evan Warmsley, Charley Starr (he has now gone aloft, but have recently met his son ... now a trainee lawyer with a masters ticket).

I'm now doing what I enjoy.... involved with the Mission to Seafarers, the Shipwrecked Mariners Society, Trinity House and am about to become the next Master of the HCMM..(the livery has put me in touch with the current Sir William Reardon Smith... he is clerk to the Fuelers Livery Company)... oh and Kathy and I are enjoying 2 daughters and 4 grandchildren in the New Forest, and when I have a minute I enjoy cycling in the forest and up steep hills in france.


June 2012.