Ross Watson

Would you be the same "Griff Jones" first mate, maiden voyage of "Devon City" out of Sunderland, January 05, 1960? I was first trip apprentice, same voyage.

This Year, 2012, I completed a voyage of 83 days Falkland Islands to Invergordon as towmaster - and thoroughly enjoyed myself, hove to off Salvador for the tug to get bunkers, then off Recife for tug more bunkers and the oil rig crew change - all except me, (you can't keep an old sea dog down), onwards to Falmouth, changed tugs SW of the Biscay, on to Falmouth, bunkers for us and the second tug, then on to Invergordon. From the bottom of my heart, I thank those old hands of RSL who taught me my trade. I am nearly 69 now, but still go to sea and still use th skkills learned way back then, king and queen beams, 3 canvas tarps, hatch battens, wooden wedges (long edge to the batten!) and locking bars, topping derricks, ha ha! Great days! Stripped to the waist erecting grain cargo shifting boards etc, not much room for shfting boards on ocean tows but you never know .... one day .... maybe .....

June 2012.