Rob Carter

I joined the Atlantic City in October 1971 at the age of 20, in dry dock Wallsend, as 2nd Electrical officer.
It was my first trip to sea and I completed two trips.
The second trip I joined the ship in Ravenna
We loaded Iron ore in Narvik and I remember loading grain in Baton Rouge and ports such as Genoa, Ravenna, and bunkers in Augusta.

I went on to do another 4 years with P& O General cargo division on ships such as The Baltistan, Baluchistan Serbistan, Tabaristan, Wild Cormorant,Taupo, Piako and Kohistan.

I emigrated to NZ in 1976 ,and am now (for the past 21 years) living in Perth Western Australia, and working in a Diamond mine North West Australia.
I will never forget my time at sea. Great memories. Posted on forum February 2012.


Believe it or not I will be in Cwmbran next week stopping at the Parkway hotel.
It's my Mothers birthday , she is 90 and we will probably have a few drinks. She is in a nursing home in old Cwmbran.

I obtained my C&G Full Tech Cert at riversdale college in Liverpool.
I ended up in 1976 emigrating to New Zealand and lived there for 10 years working for Philips, GEC, etc.

My wife and I went back to live in Cwmbran in 1987 for 3 1/2 years, but being a Kiwi she didn't like the weather.
We came to Perth in 1990 and have lived here since. I had my own business for 14 years which went pear shape, so I retrained as an electrician and went into the mines as an EI tech.
I worked two years as a college lecturer teaching electrical engineering, until I landed this job at Argyle diamond mine which pays 3 times what I earned as a lecturer, I fly in, fly out, week on, week off. I am a planner for the power station and utilities. Posted on forum 6 May 2013.